Narrative Essays

Narrative Essays

A 5 paragraph essay is the one of the simplest form of essay writing. The structure of a 5 paragraph essay comprises of an introductory paragraph, three paragraphs in the body and one paragraph for the conclusion and recommendations.

1st Paragraph: Introduction

The first paragraph is used to introduce the topic to the reader. The introduction will include the theory of the essay and the methodology used in the research to prove the theory in an attention grabbing way. Introductions are usually brief and do not include much details. Make sure quotations are not a part of the introduction as that dilutes the attractiveness of an introduction. A good introduction always ends with its final sentence introducing the body of the essay, plus it helps to maintain the flow of the essay.

2nd Paragraph: Body – Main point

The second paragraph of the body contains the main point that the essay or the theory is based on. This should be kept strong and should be convincing. Showing evidence of the theory being considered makes this paper stronger. This paragraph should start where the introduction left – acting like a hook.

3rd Paragraph: Body – 2nd best point

The third paragraph contains any point that is strong as the first one or is a response to the first point raised in the 2nd paragraph; elaborating it and adding to it. Like before, you should be able to prove the point with strong evidence and conclude the paragraph with a connecting sentence at the end for the fourth paragraph.

4th Paragraph: Body – concluding from the beginning

The fourth paragraph is a paragraph that will lead the reader to the conclusion. This does not mean you end the essay here, but it is a way of telling the reader we are about to end. This paragraph is a follow up of all the points mentioned in the earlier paragraphs. This paragraph also begins from where the last paragraph left and the conclusion should be visible. This allows for the reader. Tip: It is always helpful to indicate to the reader that the essay is about to close.

5th Paragraph: Conclusion – the ending

The fifth and final paragraph is the conclusion. At this point you should be able to tell the reader what you have understood and what you have learned from the entire exercise done within the paper. Include major points from all 3 paragraphs from the body as a part of the conclusion and give the final verdict on the theory using quotes in the conclusion is alright. It is important to mention about future study and to end with a strong statement that leaves the reader with the impression that the essay has fulfilled the thesis within the limitation of the specific parameters and a sense of completion.